Sierra Leone Pastors & Related Ministries:

While most of Liberia is evangelical Christian, there are segments of the country where the people are isolated from the gospel message, medical care and education. Most of those people follow the Muslim religion and/or worship spirits. Evangelical Church of Liberia has trained Bible teachers who would like to move to these regions with their families. They would be able to rescue people from spiritual poverty via the gospel message. That will develop an inner desire for the people to care and share and live as their creator designed them, resulting in an improved economic lifestyle. This fund contributes toward expenses for ministry activities close to the Sierra Leone / Liberia border (in both countries) and in Gbarpolu County, Liberia, which extends east from the border. This is a remote jungle region where most residents are far from any road that would allow automobile access. A pastor’s salary, a motorbike for transportation and roofing materials for a church have been the primary use of this fund to date. Recently, Pastor Lawson, supported partly by this fund and provided with a motorbike paid partially by this fund, was able to get his sick 14-year-old son safely to a hospital, only because he had the bike. Otherwise, it would have been a 6-hour walk for a healthy person over 46 hills to get to a source of motor transportation. His son would have died without making it to the hospital. Shown below is Pastor Lawson (riding) when he received his bike with President Moses Paye on the left.