Salary Subsidy Program

Numerous churches have been started through the work of SIM missionaries in Liberia. The oversight of those churches is now organized under the banner of Evangelical Church of Liberia (ECOL). Currently, they have 114 churches and 9 schools. At those schools, they have a total of 93 teachers and other school staff with about 950 students. Previous to July 2018 pay for the teachers was dependent on students from families who could pay fees to support the teachers. With 85% unemployment in Liberia and with many who have employment earning $25 to $50 US per month, that does not generate much income and it resulted in serious inequality among equally-trained teachers at different schools. Over the long term, we would love to provide their schools with lunch programs, electricity generators and much more but in discussion with Rev. Moses Paye, president of ECOL, more income for the teachers is the first priority.

Pictured above is one of the annual training seminars for Evangelical Church of Liberia school teachersSubtitle Here